1st JUDGE to return


11th Annual Cannabis Cup

Patty Collins "The First Lady Judge of Cannabis Repeats as the 1st Celebrity Judge to Repeat" CLICK THIS IMAGE TO HEAR PATTY'S INTRODUCTION  AS  SHE CAME ON STAGE


Patty is coming on stage in Amsterdam

to pass out the Awards

for the 11th Annual Cannabis Cup

Sponsored by High Times Magazine.


Palace in Wonderland

Before there was a Judge Judy, Before there was a Judge Joe Brown, There was Judge Patty. "The First Lady Judge of Cannabis".

Patty Collins Owner/Operator of Pype's Palace in Portland Oregon since 1976, was High Time Magazine's First Lady Judge in 1989 & the First Celebrity Judge to be a Repeat Judge in 1998. High Times invited her back in 1998 to Judge how the strains had changed over the past decade.

They put her up at the Hotel Quinten in Amsterdam, Holland. Had a banquet with food seasoned with spices befitting the occasion. After dinner they passed the samples out to the 11 Celebrity Judges.

Over 20 seed companies supplied the samples for the Judges. Some where packaged in ways only the Dutch can do. The finest coming from Nevil "The King of Cannabis". It was a silver suitcase with all of his finest!

She went on stage to hand out the Cannabis Cup Awards. And they introduced her as "The First Lady of Cannabis"! The rest of her family were there as regular judges. Her son, nephew & husband. Don had to double as a judge and be Patty's BUDdy Gaurd.

Her article about the 1998 Awards was published in the May '99 issue of High Times Magazine. There was a story about the 1989 Awards in a '90 issue.

Before there was a book called the Marijuana Bible. There was an unknown author, Jorge Cervantes. This unknown author was then and still is a Pype's Palace Palace customer. This customer decided to write a book for gardeners. So he came in the store and asked Patty what type of book was needed. She advised him that all of the books that were on the market at that time were much too technical reading for the average person. And she thought he should write a layman's version of a gardening book.

He did and has been a hit ever since. Jorge was coincidentially a Celebrity Judge in 1998 too! It was like a Pype's Palace Palace Reunion half way around the world!

Celebrity Judges recieved many samples to test.


Greenhouse Seeds gave a very impressive sample case

Judges Samples from Sinsi-Seeds

Judges Samples from Sinsi-Seeds


Patty with most of the samples on display

Patty tests all types in the order in which it was recieved

All the Judges Samples given to Patty for the 11th Annual Cannabis Cup 1998

All the Judges Samples given to Patty for the 2nd Annual Cannabis Cup 1989


Patty as a Joint


Don as a Bong

Troy Follett's (Pype's Palace - Pipes Palace Hood River) One Ounce Joint!


Patty helps on the One Ounce Joint rolled by Troy Follett of the Hood River Pype's Palace - Pipes Palace


Patty under cover of the crop destined for the compost pile!

Seed Companies could not keep females for harvest.

Get clones the Chop & Drop...Into the COMPOST PILE!?


Biggest buds I've ever seen! A foot thick. Squeezed between the palms not the fingers!


Patty examining the outdoor crop at the Cannabis Castle in Amsterdam.

This crop usually molded on the vine before it's time. Not the best climate for growing outdoors.


Patty would not have been smiling here, had she known these plants

would have a chainsaw taken to them 20 minutes after this photo was taken.

Patty had to help cut them down and she got to throw them on the compost pile.

This was a seed company and these plants were seedless, so they had to go...

The Royal Drying Wall at the Cannabis Castle in the Netherlands. 1989.

This was our wall to pick as we pleased...


Just could not keep Patty out of the garden!


Patty at the Bull Dog Coffeeshop. Notice the Menus they used back then.


Guess Who? What did i tell ya!


The dark plant at the rear area is the Pure Haze Plant.


Don used to take a groups of tourists to the Cannabis Castle. World's Greatest Tours.

The First tour company to take people to the Cannabis Castle in 1987 - 1990



The Imfamous Compost Pile at the Cannabis Castle.

Sometime all 3 stalls were filled with pure Cannabis Pulp.

The juices that ran from these piles always stimulated the imagination of each tourist that saw it.

Looked like the bubbling black gold from the Beverly Hillbilly's show.

Patty Collins & Jorge Cervantes 11th Annual Cannabis Cup

Patty Collins, Jorge Cervantes and other Celebrity Judges.

The Sample Case from the Greenhouse
The Sample Case from the Greenhouse


Celebrity Judges recieved many samples to test.

Judges Samples from Sinsi-Seeds

Judges Samples from Sinsi-Seeds

Patty with most of the samples on display