Ever since the first base junky
Turned into the world's first space flunky
By getting his new hype
From the mouthpiece of a cocaine pipe
There started a Multi-Continental Crack
That could split mankind
Straight up the back
Mother Nature will not be to blame
Nor should suffer any shame
For all the sorrow and the pain
That will come to the heart
Because of smoking cocaine
It's man that took the first hit
And instantly
Was breathlessly hooked on it
He's the one who spends all his money
Needing the rocks to melt like honey
It's not earth fault
But she's starting to quake
And her children are in for a shock
That may be too hard to shake
So if you see a friend
Who is starting to cook
See if you can help him
Take another look
At how life has started down
And he's not the only one in town
If he loses his health
His family
And his friends
It's not just where his life ends
But also society
As we know it to be
Where kids are safe
And people walk free
The problem is large
It's worldwide
It could lead to
written by Don L Collins
Pype's Palace in
Portland, Oregon
While in Amsterdam The spring of 1987