Well, it all started one evening in late October.

My brother-in-law ask me if I would like to

help him build 10 waterbed frames. I had heard

of a waterbed, but I had never seen one. I asked

him, how do we build them? He said for each

bed it takes 4 2x10s 8 Lag Bolts with washers.

And a drill with a half inch bit. We cut them to

length, drill 8 holes. Tape the 8 lag bolts

together using making tape. That's for one bed.

He told me that he had an order of 10 from

Honest John's Waterbeds. He said we will sell

them for 19.95 each to John. He sells them for

29.95. I said why don't we open our own shop,

and sell them for 19.95. So, we did. There was

an old grocery store just 2 blocks from our old

High School. It had been mostly empty for

about 8 years or so. We rented the building.

We named the shop,


after a famous shop in San Fransisco.

Then 2 years later, Honest John's Waterbeds

was out of buisness. The bank called and

invited me to the auction of his buisness.

That was our first great break. It was a large

warehouse full of fancy water bed frames

and mattresses. The auction was taking for

ever. They were aucioning off each bed

frame one at a time. I looked at the large

stack of water bed matresses and thought

that will take till next week to autcion off

at the rate they were going. So, I told one

of the auction workers to tell the

Auctionier to sell all the waterbed matress

boxes at one time. I seen the kid tell him,

and he nodded yes. I was ready and

waiting to buy them for a whole lotta

money. There were 500 waterbed

mattresses. The Big Boss turned around

and told everyone that now we are going

to auction the mattresses. The bidding

started at 10.00, I said 20.00 an so forth.

When this guy said 50.00, I said 55! He

nodded no. Everyone laughed saying

you can buy a mattress any where in town

for 55.00! That is when the auctionier

turned back to the bed frames to continue.

The crowed yelled what about the rest of

the beds? He said talk to that gentleman,

he just bought them. Wow, did I get the

looks. I yelled matresses! $20.00 for any

size (It was like kids in a candy store!).

How do you spell May Lay? I even

bought John's safe. It was more empty

than a democrat's wallet!