Twas The Night Before

The Cannabis Cup

And so the story goes...

Twas the night before Cannabis

When all through the Palace

Not a Judge was smoking

That's grounds for malice

The suitcases were packed

With all the judges gear

In hopes that the Cannabis Cup

Soon would be here

The dogs were nestled

All snug in our beds

While visions of smoke-plumes

Drift through our heads

Patty with her resin heaven

And I with my pipe

Had just settled down

For a long smokeless night

When out on the grass

There arose such a song

I crawled from the bed

And I grabbed my bong

Down the stairway

I flew like a flash

Tore open the door

Got handed some hash

And buds with crystals

Like a new fallen snow

Gave the mixture I had

A wonderful glow

When what to my bloodshot eyes

Should appear

But a miniature hookah

And eight tiny beers

With a little old lighter

So lively and quick

I filled up the bong

Till the smoke was thick

More rapid than roaches

The hits they came

And I whistled, and I shouted

And called them by name

Now, El Nino

Now, Shanti Baba

Now, Grey Mist

And Haze

On,Temple Balls

On Pollen Hash

On King Hassan

And on to a Daze

To the top of the room

To the top of the wall

Now hash away

Hash away

Hash away all

As dry leaves that before

The wild bong hits fly

When they meet a smoker

They fly to the sky

So up to the house top

The partiers they flew

With the tray full of buds

And hashish too

And then, in a moment

I flew over the roofs

I prance and I danced

On smokey little poofs

As I drew in my hit

And was spinning around

I fell down the chimney

Then I hit the ground

I was feeling real good

In my head from my deeds

And my clothes were all tarnished

With hashes and weeds

A bag full of buds

I had flung on my back

And I looked like a dealer

Just opening his pack

My eyes were so red

My high was so merry

My mouth was like cotten

And hot as a cherry

My throat felt so dry

Like an empty cup

And the beard on my chin

Was shriveling up

The stump of a pipe

I held tight in my teeth

And the smoke

It encircled my head

Like a wreath

I had a smiling face

I was in a daze

I smoked, when I laughed

With my bowl full of haze

Now, I'm chubby and plump

A right jolly old smoker

And you'd laugh when you see me

And I'm no joker

A wink of my eye

And a twist of my head

Soon gave me to know

I'd like to grow dreads

I smoked a big bud

Then went straight to my work

And filled all the cabinets

Then turned with a jerk

And laying my lighter

Aside of my nose

And taking a hit

Up the chimney I rose

I flew to my tray

And to my bundle of buds

And away we all flew

Wrong... we hit like a thud

I guess we can't fly

So we drove all the way

Saying Happy Cannabis to all

And to all a good play!


By Don Collins

Pype's Palace 1998